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How Hard Is It to Write a Letter of Recommendation for PhD Program Applications?

letter of recommendation for phd programWhether applying to psychology programs or mathematics at the doctorate level, a good PhD letter of recommendation can make a huge impact on the applicant’s chances of being selected. While good grades and even a well written personal statement can have a big influence on someone’s chances of success, having someone state that the person is ideal for the position is going to really help their chances. But writing an effective reference letter for PhD student applications are not going to be easy.

Whether you have been asked to write a letter of recommendation PhD for an applicant or if you are the applicant and have been asked to write your own letter for endorsement later, the task can be very daunting. This is why so many will be looking to gain as much support and help as they can with their writing. A good sample letter of recommendation for PhD admission can provide a huge amount of help with understanding what is required of you. So can the tips and advice that our specialized services are able to provide for you.

Whether you want to learn how to write PhD personal statement or need support with choosing grad school places that will be perfect for you, our site will provide you with the support that you need. Our services have been around for several years and our advice and support is provided by experts that fully understand the application process and requirements in your field.

How to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation from Professor for PhD Application

A letter of recommendation should come from someone that knows you personally and well enough to be able to make a judgment on your abilities. You should always check the requirements of the particular program that you are applying to as to what their specific requirements are with regards to the authors of your letters and who should be asked. You can’t simply ask a friend to write one for you, not if you want your application to be a success.

Asking someone to provide you with a reference letter is also something that should not be done with a text message or as you are passing someone in the corridor between lectures. If you want someone to write a good letter for you follow the suggestions below:

  • Arrange a formal meeting with the recommender and ask for their letter face to face.
  • Always ask well in advance; you will want to ensure that the recommender is not being asked to do anything in a rush.
  • Accept “no” if the person that you have selected is unwilling to write you a letter; a forced letter could do more harm to your application than good.
  • Check the requirements of the program you are applying to; many have specific questions that they want a recommender to answer and you need to provide these requirements.
  • Provide your resume, personal statement and details of the program that you are applying to.
  • Provide a letter showing your personal details, how they know you, and what you feel are your main achievements or contributions.
  • Waive your right to read; often there will be a form that you will have to sign to waive your rights to view the letter. Waiving your rights will often add more weight to the letter that is submitted.

How Should You Structure Your Letter of Recommendation for PhD Candidate

phd letter of recommendationA letter of recommendation should always follow the specific requirements of the institution that you are recommending the student for and you want to be part of. Some may even have specific forms, questionnaires, and prompts that they will ask you to complete so they can learn more about you and it’s absolutely mandatory. That being said a typical letter will cover important three main areas. Here they are:

  • A brief statement that explains how you know the person you are recommending and for how long.
  • The main body that outlines the student's strengths and accomplishments, this needs to be brief but detailed.
  • A statement providing your recommendation to their program as well as the strength of that recommendation.

Tips for Writing an Effective PhD Letter of Recommendation

The admissions committee will read potentially hundreds of letters so if you want yours to be effective than it needs to be able to stand out. This means putting some thought into how to write a letter of recommendation for PhD candidate applications. The following are some things that you need to consider when writing an effective and glowing recommendation:

  • What makes the applicant different; what makes them stand out from the other students that you know?
  • Be precise with what you have to say; every student is “hardworking” and “enthusiastic.” Provide examples of what the student has done and if possible give figures to better illustrate where they sit within your class.
  • Don’t just concentrate on their academic abilities; the committee will want to get a more holistic view of the person that you are recommending.

We Can Help with an Effective Reference Letter PhD

letter of recommendation phdOur specialized services can provide you with a full range of support with your university application so you can get the best jobs after PhD. From your PhD statement of purpose to a well-written letter of recommendation PhD, our experts have the skills that you will need to make your documentation stand out. Our writers are carefully selected and only work in the area in which they hold a relevant PhD and in which they have many years of experience; this ensures that you will always be working with an expert in your field of application.

They will always work with you directly so that they can be able to draw out the specific information that you will need when creating that effective letter of recommendation. All writing is done from scratch with you without any copying or using bland generic templates. Your letter will be totally unique to you and written according to your express instructions. Should you feel that any changes are required to the initial draft then we allow for unlimited revisions until you are totally satisfied.

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