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How Important Is Your PhD Personal Statement?

personal statement phd applicationKnowing how to write PhD personal statement pages is very important if you are going to have any chance at all of being able to study at this level. Earning your doctorate will say a huge amount your research skills and mastery of your subject area. But even getting accepted into a PhD program is going to be very difficult.

You will be competing against many others for a place and they will almost certainly be as well qualified s you are. Often the only part of your application that allows you to stand out will be your personal statement for PhD program application. Your personal statement or application essay allows you to put in your own words just why it is that you feel that they should accept you onto their program. Well written it will help with application to stand out and will make you memorable when it is time for the decisions to be made.

Many applicants, however, struggle with writing their documentation from their PhD resume to their personal statement. This is why you will want to get as much support as you can with your writing from looking at PhD personal statement examples and writing guides through to using professional writing and editing services such as ours.

How Should Your Personal Statement PhD Application Look?

The personal statement can also be called an application essay, statement of purpose or even statement of intent. Different institutions and even courses give the same document different names, the purpose, however, is always going to be the same. They are written to give the reader a clear understanding of why it is that you want to study within your field to doctorate level. They are also your opportunity to sell yourself and to show that you have everything that they are looking for in a student.

There is no hard and fast structure that you need to follow with your writing, however. In many cases, it can actually help to submit something that is going to be totally different to what everyone else is providing. The important thing is to ensure that you will cover everything that the committee will want to know about you.

What Should Your Personal Statement Psychology PhD Cover?

personal statement for phd programA psychology PhD application will, of course, seek to show the reader why it is that you are pursuing an education in this field and what makes you ideally suited to it. The idea behind writing your clinical psychology PhD personal statement and any other however is very similar. You will be expected to write a personal statement no matter what subject you are applying from Astrophysics to Zoology. This is so that the committee can discover far more about you than just your grades.

To have reached the point where you are applying to study for a PhD you will have already shown that you are capable of getting the highest grades and other qualifications. The committee, therefore, will want to know more about what motivates you as a researcher and what makes you such a great student for their program.

To do this with your psychology PhD application or for any other subject you will need to cover all of the following areas within your statement:

  • Explain why you are interested in your subject area and what motivates you to study within this field.
  • Show what steps you have already taken and what research you have already undertaken.
  • Provide an overview of what you have already achieved through your research and what research you may wish to undertake in the future.
  • Explain why PhD studies are for you and why you are continuing education to this level. Show where you expect to take your career once you gain your PhD.
  • Show what qualities you have that make you an excellent researcher at this level and why you will succeed with your research.
  • Explain why you are applying to this specific program; do your research on the program and have a valid reason.

Tips to Help with How to Write PhD Personal Statement

phd personal statementOur personal statement tips will help you to better understand how you should be doing your writing to help with application to university places in a way that will get you noticed. Many applicants write statements that are quite frankly boring and uninspiring. You will need to ensure that yours is capable of making you clearly stand out while still communicating what the committee wants to know about you. Writing a personal statement for a PhD place needs to be done with great care and you should consider all of the of the following with your writing:

  • Research the place that you are applying to so that you are fully aware of exactly what they are looking for and what they have to offer you.
  • If there is a prompt for your statement ensure that you will answer it fully within your writing rather than simply ignore it.
  • Look at a personal statement for PhD application sample in your area of application; this will give you a lot of ideas and guidance for your own writing.
  • Select an interesting anecdote to provide you with a clear storyline for your statement; you should be telling a story rather than listing facts if you want to keep the attention of the reader.
  • Work on your opening line so that you are able to get the readers full attention right from the start. The more interesting you make it the more the reader will want to read on to discover more about you.
  • Use language that is easy to understand; not every member of the committee will have in depth knowledge of your subject and they will not appreciate slang or acronyms.
  • Talk about yourself and not others, this is a personal statement so needs to be written clearly about you.
  • Edit and proofread your statement very carefully so that you can be sure that there are no clich├ęs or writing errors that can detract from your writing.

We Can Help with Your PhD Personal Statement Writing

Writing a personal statement for PhD scholarship, PhD letter of recommendation or any other document is simple with the help and support of our professional services. We provide you with access to writers and editors that hold PhD degrees in the field of your application as well as having many years of relevant experience helping applicants in your area. They work directly with you to ensure that your personal statement and other documents for application will be written perfectly to aid your admission. We provide a full satisfaction money back guarantee for your writing and free proofreading and plagiarism testing.

If you are not sure how to write PhD personal statement, just get in touch with our experts here today to ensure that your submission will have the highest chances of success!

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