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How Important Is Your Statement of Purpose for PhD Admission?

statement of purpose for phd admissionGetting onto any PhD program is never going to be easy no matter what subject area you wish to gain your doctorate within. Places are oversubscribed which means that you will have to fight against many others if you want to gain a place. This means that everything from your PhD statement of purpose through to your PhD letter of recommendation will need to be capable of making you truly stand out from those that are competing with you for a place.

Most important of your documents for getting into grad school will often be your statement of purpose for PhD application. This admission requirement will be important as the program admission committee are going to want to know far more about who you are than just what grades and qualifications you hold. After all, often your grades and qualifications and this level are likely to be just as impressive as all of the others that are applying for the same place. Often your SoP writing is the only edge that you will have to gain a place.

Writing a PhD statement of purpose, however, is far from easy task. Most applicants even at this level will find themselves struggling to come up with something that is going to make them stand out. Our specialized services have been supporting applicants with their PhD resume, LoRs, and essay statement of purpose writing for several years. We can provide you with a huge amount of support and advice to help you to ensure that you will have the best chances of being selected.

What Should Your Statement of Purpose for PhD Program Application Cover?

The application essay, statement of purpose, motivational letter, or personal statement is one of the hardest parts of your submission to write and also one of the most important. So it is vital that you cover everything that the committee will be looking for from your essay. Most statements will need to be written to a specific prompt and you must ensure that you actually answer this within your essay. You should also ensure that your PhD statement of purpose also covers all of the following:

  • Why you ended up choosing major subject in this area and why you are doing research in this specific area.
  • What research you have already conducted and what was the outcome of that research.
  • What areas of research you are interested in for your PhD.
  • Where do you expect your PhD to take you with regards to your future career?
  • What is it that makes you an excellent researcher in your field?
  • Show why you are applying to this specific program rather than others that are out there.

Tips for Writing Statement of Purpose for PhD Applications

statement of purpose for phd scholarshipLearning how to write a statement of purpose for PhD program application is not going to be a simple task. You have to not only cover everything that the committee wants to see, you also have to do it in a way that is really going to get the full attention of the members of the admissions committee. If you do not get their full attention then you will likely lose your place to someone that has.

The following guidance for writing a PhD statement of purpose will help you to prepare an essay that will get you noticed:

  • Review all of the paperwork for the program that you are applying to and the university website so that you fully identify what they value in a student. The better that your personal statement reflects those expectations the more chance you have of being accepted.
  • Your statement of purpose should read more like a story than a list of your accomplishments if you are going to make yourself memorable. If possible select an anecdote that you can use to form a storyline and provide flow for your writing.
  • Your opening line is your hook; this needs to grab the attention of the reader fully right from the start so that they will be inspired to read on and discover more about you.
  • Avoid all forms of clich├ęs, these are not going to impress the reader and will make them want to skip to the next statement in their pile.
  • Stay current, you are applying at PhD level so they will not want to hear about your achievements within high school.
  • Use the correct statement of purpose format for PhD applications; often this will be fixed through the portal that you are using for your application.
  • Do not exceed the word count for your statement, this will typically cover a single sheet of paper. They only have a limited amount of time to review each application so they will not appreciate you trying to take up more of their precious time.
  • Use language that anyone will be able to follow. Do not use slang, acronyms or words that you have chosen from the thesaurus to show off with. Also, do not use highly technical language as not everyone on the committee will be able to understand what you have written.
  • Write about yourself and not others. This is a form of a personal statement that needs to be focused on your achievements and future goals.
  • Do not be negative within your statement or make complaints or excuses for anything.

And most importantly:

  • Be original, they want to hear what you have to say so never copy and do not even use any quotations within your writing.
  • Review your writing very carefully and be prepared to rewrite your statement several times to ensure that you have something that is going to communicate exactly what you want to say effectively.
  • Proofread your writing very thoroughly. Even a single spelling mistake could promote completely the wrong impression to the reader.

We Can Help Write Your Statement of Purpose for PhD Scholarship and Entry

phd statement of purposeWriting that perfect statement of purpose for PhD admission requires a huge amount of time and writing skill. This is why it is often best to turn to a professional service such as ours for the support that you need. We can offer you help through staff that hold PhD degrees in your area of application and that have many years of experience with supporting applicants. They know precisely what the committee will be looking for within your statement of purpose and can write in attention grabbing and highly effective English to help get you noticed.

The level of our writing is very high and everything is carefully proofread and tested for plagiarism to protect you. All of our support is covered by a money back guarantee and we will always ensure that we deliver to you on time no matter how quickly you need your help.

Contact our highly skilled specialists here today and get all of the support that you need to submit an attention-grabbing PhD statement of purpose that will get you noticed!

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